In 2011 and 2015 I traveled to Antarctica with biologist Dr. Sam Bowser to assist his scientific research and dive teams. The paintings here were inspired by those months living in Antarctica. As a Field Assistant I helped create and maintain dive holes near our field camp, located off the frozen shore of New Harbor, at the base of Antarctica’s Taylor Dry Valley. The team’s scuba divers entered the ocean through these holes, through 12’ of sea ice, to collect specimens of foraminifera living on the sea floor. Foraminifera are fascinating single-celled marine organisms that Dr. Bowser has been studying for over 30 years. 

As a dive-tender, I spent many hours looking at these dive holes – often intensely, anticipating air bubbles that signaled the safe return of our scuba divers. When they finally surfaced, I would take hold of their dive equipment and specimens, and then assist them in exiting the hole. 

This, and so much from these two expeditions, were unique and intense experiences. Inevitably these dark blue holes made a mark in my memory, and found their way into my paintings. 

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